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About Us

We are glad that you just found our site and want to read more about us!

Persiskt.se is a family business in Jönköping run by  Reza and Sandra. We run the company with love, both for the environment, the people we work with and for each other. Reza has a long family background in self-employment and Persian rugs. He moved from Iran to Jönköping to study a master’s degree in production development and management. In the same city, Sandra studied global studies with a focus on sustainable development, with a great interest in other cultures and a desire to make the world a better place.

After only a few months, we went to Iran together. It was there that a small seed was sown to start a company with a focus on unique products from Iran and that contributes positively to human well-being.

Iran is a country with several thousand years of history all the way back to the Persian Empire. Thanks to this, there is a solid culture in arts, crafts and music. In addition, Iran is a country that extends over several climate zones and therefore has a diversity of nature and crops.

Persiskt.se can therefore offer high-quality food products and crafts and our goal is to share this with you.