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Unique Gift Box (Spice Box)


Gåvolådan innehåller:

  • 25 g bergskummin,
  • 20 g sumak,
  • 15 g korianderfrön,
  • 5 g bergstimjan
  • Trämortel
  • Ursprungsland: Iran


Unique Gift Box

Dare to add spice to life!

  • Rock cumin: Grows wild in the mountains. Known as a bread spice but is also good on cheese, in soups etc.
  • Sumac: Red berries with sour taste, which grow wild in northwestern Iran. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Fits well on both the salad and the barbecue food.
  • Coriander seeds: Strong coriander taste that can be further emphasized by lightly roasting the seeds in a frying pan before they are ground. Fits in soups, stews, etc.
  • Mountain thyme: Grows wild in the mountains of Iran. Plenty of food in both oven and grill. Can also be brewed as tea. Thyme tea is traditionally drunk for coughs.
Use the spices separately or make your own unique spice blend.


Mortar and mix together any amount of each spice. Add vegetable oil and use as:

▪️Grill marinade

▪️Salad dressing

▪️On the bread etc.

Contents: 25 g rock cumin,

20 g sumak,

15 g coriander seeds,

5 g mountain thyme and wood mortar.


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